Jobin Thomas
Digital Marketer.

MSc Digital Marketing

I am currently studying Digital Marketing and am passionate about learning new things in the field. I have always been interested in marketing and advertising, and I believe that a strong online presence is crucial for businesses in today's world

About Me

What are my strongest sides and skills?

Passion for Marketing

passion for marketing is about more than just promoting products and services – it’s about connecting with people and creating meaningful experiences.

Clear communication

involves using language that is appropriate for the audience, as well as using nonverbal cues such as body language and tone of voice to convey meaning. It also involves actively listening.

Structured Work

Effective structured work requires strong time management skills and the ability to prioritize tasks. It also involves regular communication and collaboration with team.

Qulaity of work

characterized by attention to detail, accuracy, and thoroughness. It meets or exceeds the expectations of the client or customer, and is completed to the best.

Determine how predictive audiences get built.

As a digital marketer, my strongest sides and skills are Strong analytical skills, Creativity, Team player, Knowledge of marketing technologies and tools etc..

Unique Marketing

Organize Projects

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Boosting up

How Jobin Thomas work behind the scenes.

I am a highly organized and detail-oriented individual who takes a structured approach to my work. When working on a project, I begin by defining the goals and objectives and creating a clear plan for achieving them

Identify your goals & audit

Planning for Project

Run Campaign

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My Projects

Showcasing my skills and capabilities


Project 1

The Indian Super League

This is a brand marketing strategy for ISL which includes in current markering strategies, budgeting, shareholders, digital marketing methods and what changes should be done to make ISL one of the top leagues in the world

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Digital Retail

Project 2

Ideal Consumer Persona And Consumer Journey Of Sports Direct


Project 3

- Presentation on Psychological Marketing Methods

numbers talk

I can help small and big companies in the world

I Help Business Owners, Educators And Entrepreneurs Building Highly Profitable Paid Marketing Strategies Excited To Use My Skills And Knowledge To Help Companies Effectively Reach Their Target Audience And Achieve Their Goals..


Accuracy rate

in Target Marketing


Likes for Instagram

Post Boosting


Partners & Clients

happy customers



Awards & Goals


My goal is to help founders and entrepreneurs sell their startups & Products

He helped us to increase our customer base by implementing innovative marketing strategies that were unlike anything we had tried before.

Dr.Nabeela PV

After taking over management of our social media accounts, we noticed an increase in customer reviews and inquiries. We are grateful for your assistance in this matter and believe that your efforts have had a positive impact on our business

Parson Paul

Prior to your involvement, our website had low levels of traffic and our social media presence was weak. However, through the use of targeted strategies, you were able to significantly increase the overall traffic to our website and improve our presence on social media. We are very grateful for your help and the positive impact it has had on our business.

Nada Ibrahim
Whey Me...?

How do we amazing

Please take a moment to watch my new video where you can observe my level of confidence through my speaking and facial expressions as I discuss the topic of football jerseys for women and their advertisements. I believe that you will be able to understand my level of confidence through my delivery in this video


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